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Hardware Assisted Security: Cryptographic Acceleration for SOA and Java EE applications

I’ve spent the last few days attending Oracle OpenWorld conference at San Francisco..it is my second OOW experience, so it is not a surprise to see the conference was fully packed with people, hundreds of sessions and demos – I did have an opportunity to attend few and also present two sessions focused on Security topics featuring “Hardware Assisted Security… Read more »

Java Cryptography on Intel Westmere

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When it comes to Java cryptography based application security –  Solaris has significant performance advantage over Linux and Windows on Intel Westmere processor equipped servers.  I am not debunking Linux performance on Intel but evidently Linux does not take advantage of Intel Westmere’s AES-NI instructions when the Java applications relies on Java cryptographic implementations  for performing AES encryption/decryption functions.  AES is one of the most popular symmetric-key encryption algorithm widely… Read more »

SAML Attribute Exchange for X.509 Authentication based Identity Federation

In a typical Single Sign-On (SSO)/Federation scenario using SAML, the Service Provider (SP) initiates the user authentication request using SAML AuthnRequest assertion with an Identity Provider (IDP). The IDP authenticates the principal and returns a SAML AuthnStatement assertion response confirming the user authentication. If the user is successfully authenticated, the SP is required to have the subject’s profile attributes of the authenticated… Read more »

Does your Performance Tests address Security ?

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The untold reality is ….when your Web application on the DMZ hits the Internet… the colorful performance graphs/numbers does’nt mean anything !  Unless your performance guru in the lab captured the QoS requirements and realized it proactively and accounted its actual overheads associated with Security, Network bandwidth, High-availability and other mission-critical requirements.  Otherwise…performance is the nagging issue that every datacenter guy gnaws…. when an application… Read more »

Wire-speed Cryptography for SOA Security and Compliance

I admit that I am not a SOA expert or pretend to be one !  Lately, I had a chance to explore few security features intended for securing XML Web Services and Java EE applications. With my little knowledge to SOA, I found that XML Web services play a vital role in SOA to enable loosely-coupled services and ensuring interoperability. From a security perspective, the core foundation… Read more »

Unleashing SSL Acceleration and Reverse-Proxying with Kernel SSL (KSSL)

Last few weeks, I have been pulled into an interesting gig for demonstrating security for _____  SOA/XML Web Services and Java EE applications…. so I had a chance to play with some untold security features of Solaris 10. KSSL is one of the unsung yet powerful security features of Solaris 10.  As the name identifies, KSSL is a Solaris Kernel Module that… Read more »

Exploring SPML with Sun Identity Manager 7.x – A Cheatsheet

Are you tired of the high-level SPML content floating around the web from couple of analysts with no practical guidance ! If you are a practical guy..who want to explore SPML, here is something that you may find worth test-driving for SPML 1.0 amd SPML 2.0 based provisioning operations.   I had been using SPML using Sun IDM 7.0 for a while now. … Read more »

SPML 2.0 @RSA 2007

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Last week, I was at RSA Conference and I joined a panel with Mark Diodati (Burton Group) and Sampo Kellomaki (Symlabs) to discuss interoperable Identity provisioning ! I delved into SPML 2.0 and highlighted the strategies of using SPML 2.0 for interoperable provisioning. Here is the link to our slides – Interoperable Identity Provisioning in a Distributed World (With emphasis… Read more »

Biometrics enabled Single Sign-On (SSO) using SAML

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Last week, I was at Biometric Consortium Conference 2006 to present “Biometric Single Sign-On using SAML: Architecture and Design Strategies” and demonstrate one of my favorite topic of interest – Stronger authentication solution that combines “Web Access Management/SSO/Federation” using “Biometrics”.  I used my previous JAAS Module integration work between Sun Java System Access Manager 6.x (SunONE Identity Server) and BioBex… Read more »

Patterns-driven Security Design @ New England JUG

Couple of days ago, I presented “Patterns-driven Security Design” at an event hosted by “New England Java User Group” at Sun Burlington campus.The participants were outstanding, I had quite a lot of good questions…. and by the time I left the building it was 10:00 PM.   It was quite inspiring event as this is first time I presented the… Read more »