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Exploring Logical Access Control with PIV cards

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Looks like convergence projects are in the limelight… lately I noticed a lot of interests on enabling the use of common credentials for securely accessing physical and logical resources.  Although we find most convergence projects are targeted at the enterprise level but there are serious minds working on using smartcard based PKI credentials for supporting citizen-scale projects (I regret that… Read more »

Massachusetts 201 CMR 17.00 imposes "Protection of Personal Identity Information".

A month ago, I had a chance to meet with John Beveridge (Deputy State Auditor at Office of the State Auditor of Massachusetts) at an ISACA event in Boston. During a casual chat, he briefly mentioned about the upcoming regulation highlighting “Mass 201 CMR 17.00 – Massachusetts Standards for Data Protection of Personal Information”  and it’s compelling security requirements ! … Read more »

Provisioning/De-Provisioning Biometric credentials and Convergence of Physical/Logical Access Control Systems

It’s been a while, I had been hearing a lot of talk about unified biometric credentials and using then for convergence of physical and logical access control systems – Like me, you might’ve heard a lot of high-level marketing or analyst’s stuff … so here is some realities from my hands-on experience ! Frankly, there is no magic silver bullet… Read more »

Managing PIV Lifecycle and Converging Physical & Logical Access Control

Last week, I was at the 7th Annual Smart Card in Government Conference and had the  opportunity to join a panel on “Personal Identity Verification (PIV) – Technologies” and presented a session entitled “Managing PIV Lifecycle and Converging Physical and Logical Access Control” with emphasis on implementing HSPD-12/FIPS-201 mandates.  I thoroughly enjoyed my participation in the conference, particularly the overwhelming … Read more »