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Java Cryptography on Intel Westmere

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When it comes to Java cryptography based application security –  Solaris has significant performance advantage over Linux and Windows on Intel Westmere processor equipped servers.  I am not debunking Linux performance on Intel but evidently Linux does not take advantage of Intel Westmere’s AES-NI instructions when the Java applications relies on Java cryptographic implementations  for performing AES encryption/decryption functions.  AES is one of the most popular symmetric-key encryption algorithm widely… Read more »

SAML Attribute Exchange for X.509 Authentication based Identity Federation

In a typical Single Sign-On (SSO)/Federation scenario using SAML, the Service Provider (SP) initiates the user authentication request using SAML AuthnRequest assertion with an Identity Provider (IDP). The IDP authenticates the principal and returns a SAML AuthnStatement assertion response confirming the user authentication. If the user is successfully authenticated, the SP is required to have the subject’s profile attributes of the authenticated… Read more »

Bye, Bye, Sun…a new beginning at Oracle :-)

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Life goes on… as everyone know by now, EU approved the Oracle’s Sun acquisition deal. After my 10+ years long saga ending at Sun…..now I am pushed into Oracle (Sun + Oracle). It looks like I will be doing the same job….as always I continue my passion towards security and identity technologies… especially on Solaris and Sun systems (oops…Oracle servers)… maybe a bit more on… Read more »

Does your Performance Tests address Security ?

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The untold reality is ….when your Web application on the DMZ hits the Internet… the colorful performance graphs/numbers does’nt mean anything !  Unless your performance guru in the lab captured the QoS requirements and realized it proactively and accounted its actual overheads associated with Security, Network bandwidth, High-availability and other mission-critical requirements.  Otherwise…performance is the nagging issue that every datacenter guy gnaws…. when an application… Read more »

Design Patterns: 15 years now and counting…

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Time flies..it is amazing to know, yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by Gang of Four (Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides),  a seminal work in object-oriented software design and development that changed the way how we think and solve software implementation problems. In simpler terms., Design patterns is all about adopting to proven solutions… Read more »

Unleashing SSL Acceleration and Reverse-Proxying with Kernel SSL (KSSL)

Last few weeks, I have been pulled into an interesting gig for demonstrating security for _____  SOA/XML Web Services and Java EE applications…. so I had a chance to play with some untold security features of Solaris 10. KSSL is one of the unsung yet powerful security features of Solaris 10.  As the name identifies, KSSL is a Solaris Kernel Module that… Read more »

Enabling FIPS-140 compliance for Java based SSL/TLS applications

FIPS-140* compliance has gained overwhelming attention these days and it has become a mandatory requirement for several security sensitive applications (mostly in Government and Security solutions and recently with select finance industry solutions and particularly for achieving compliance with regulatory mandates such as PCI DSS, FISMA, HIPPA, etc ). FIPS-140 also helps defining security requirements for supporting integration with cryptographic hardware and software tokens.  Ensuring… Read more »

Dissecting the 'Obfuscated Transfer Object'

One thing I noticed lately…is lot of interest about understanding the usage of ‘Obfuscated Transfer Object (OTO) ‘ from Core Security Patterns.  I got multiple emails about its code and implementation .. understandably there is a growing security concern about using Transfer Object (aka Value Object) that passes security-sensitive data elements between Java EE tiers (especially between Presentation/Business/Persistence), when the… Read more »

Security Guidance for "Sun Certified Enterprise Architect" for Java EE5 exam

Not a shameless promotion – I came to know from multiple feedback and praises from the people who took the Sun Certified Enterprise Architect exam.  Core Security patterns is overwhelmingly suggested as a reference text for “Section 8 – Security” of Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java EE5 exam.    Section 8: Security Explain the client-side security model for the Java SE… Read more »

Enabling Smart Card based PKI as Java Key Store

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Last week, I was test driving a PIV Smartcard based PKI as a keystore (via Java PKCS#11)  to support using the PKI/certificate credentials for performing encryption/decryption and digital signature operations  (PKI based logins to Web applications, Encryption/decryption of documents, Digitally signing email). There is no secret receipe but some of you may find it a bit difficult – if you… Read more »