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Conficker Worm to hit on April Fool’s day !

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Looks like another malware storm…my buddy Microsoft Windows user is itching the head with a burning stick and cleaning up his entire data/malware it is suspected that Conficker Worm (Conficker Version C and D) might have infected million of computers running MS Windows environment – not sure it affects both server and desktops. The worm is programmed to modify… Read more »

Demystifying MySQL Security for Web 2.0: Part 2

Access control exploits, user credential exposures and related security compromises are becoming increasingly common in Web 2.0 world ! Most of these issues pertain to broken or insufficient authentication controls and flawed credential management that allows attackers to compromise vulnerable applications by stealing or manipulating credentials such as passwords, keys, session cookies and/or impersonating another user through forged or guessed credentials.  Any such access control… Read more »

Demystifying MySQL Security for Web 2.0: Part 1

Web 2.0 applications are proliferating and it has become widely popular for delivering dynamic user-generated content, information collaboration, data mashups, social networking and Web services. Building security for Web 2.0 applications pose several daunting challenges to Web 2.0 developers as these applications are publicly accessible and it blindly opens door to several intentional/unintentional abuses and malicious practices including data interception and manipulation by… Read more »

Top Web 2.0 Security Threats !

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Web 2.0 is not my forte but I am not ignorant to know its overwhelming adoption and popularity !  In my understanding, Web 2.0 is another Web based application paradigm that enables delivering user-generated content via aggregation, participation and collaboration on the Internet using Web based protocols.  No doubt, everyday a new breed of Web 2.0 application is finding its… Read more »

Biometric adoption expected to grow "triple" between 2008-2012, despite economic downturn !

Lately, Biometric identification and authentication technologies gaining unprecedented importance in government organizations across the globe as evidenced in the US by introduction of HSPD-12, HSPD-24 and and other countries complying with ICAO requirements for biometric-enhanced machined readable traveller documents (MRTDs) / ePassports providing support for Facial/Fingerprint identification for travelers passing through airports, security-sensitive locations and ensuring protection against identity thefts…. Read more »

Dissecting the 'Obfuscated Transfer Object'

One thing I noticed lately…is lot of interest about understanding the usage of ‘Obfuscated Transfer Object (OTO) ‘ from Core Security Patterns.  I got multiple emails about its code and implementation .. understandably there is a growing security concern about using Transfer Object (aka Value Object) that passes security-sensitive data elements between Java EE tiers (especially between Presentation/Business/Persistence), when the… Read more »