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Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors

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Few weeks ago, US Dept. of Homeland security (National Cyber Security Division) in collaboration with SANS Institute/MITRE teams worked together and released a list of 25 dangerous programming errors as common security flaws, which opens doors for easy exploitation. My first look at this list, I thought it is a old wine in a new bottle as the document sounded… Read more »

Smartcard/PKI authentication based SSO (Using OpenSSO)

It’s been so long, I had been involved with multiple Smartcard/PKI projects particularly supporting integration of Sun technologies for use with National eID, US Federal (HSPD-12 / PIV cards) and DoD CAC projects. There is no secret sauce,  but unfortunately I did’nt find time to put together a trustworthy documentation addressing the technical aspects of using Smartcard based PKI credentials… Read more »

Here you go..OWASP Hartford !

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Last night, I had the opportunity to present at an OWASP event @Hartford, CT.  James McGovern, a long-time buddy of mine organized this event at one of the Hartford skyscrappers – What a great view !  I had contributed code artifacts to OWASP projects before, but it was the first time I had a chance to attend an OWASP event…. Read more »

I am a CISA now.

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IT Security, Compliance Auditing and Governance has been on my focal areas for many years now…but I did’nt have a chance to explore it more closely due to my hands-on technical focus on implementing security solutions. Ofcourse, you can’t practice IT security implementation and compliance auditing together as a job – that certainly defeats the fundamental principles of security.  So… Read more »

Every Cloud requires a Security lining !

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Security is the paramount challenge of Cloud computing – Ofcourse, what is the point of scaling out if your data is available naked on the Internet ? It comes as no surprise to me, to find out the recent IDC research survey revealed Security as the top concern – critical to the success of Cloud adoption. For more details of… Read more »