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Smartcard/PKI authentication based SSO (Using OpenSSO)

It’s been so long, I had been involved with multiple Smartcard/PKI projects particularly supporting integration of Sun technologies for use with National eID, US Federal (HSPD-12 / PIV cards) and DoD CAC projects. There is no secret sauce,  but unfortunately I did’nt find time to put together a trustworthy documentation addressing the technical aspects of using Smartcard based PKI credentials… Read more »

Enabling Smart Card based PKI as Java Key Store

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Last week, I was test driving a PIV Smartcard based PKI as a keystore (via Java PKCS#11)  to support using the PKI/certificate credentials for performing encryption/decryption and digital signature operations  (PKI based logins to Web applications, Encryption/decryption of documents, Digitally signing email). There is no secret receipe but some of you may find it a bit difficult – if you… Read more »

Belgium eID Authentication for Web SSO and Sun Ray Desktop Authentication.

Last 3 weeks, been so hectic…the days were faster than light,  I was pulling my-hair-out on a critical proof-of-concept that requires demonstrating Web Single Sign-on (via Sun Java System Access Manager) using PKI/Digital certificate credentials (from Belgian eID) and then enable Smartcard PKI based Desktop authentication/Session Mobility using Sun Rays. The secret sauce on this architecture is using OpenSC PAM… Read more »