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Automating Security and Compliance Assessments using SCAP – On-demand Scanning and Compliance Reporting with Remediation

Manually assessing security controls, host and application configuration, access control policies, software patch levels and creating on-demand compliance readiness reports has always been a daunting task, especially when it is critical to adhere standards and regulatory mandates.  Not only those processes are very time consuming and they are also highly prone to human errors.  It becomes even more complicated when… Read more »

Cloud Computing confuses Senior IT Professionals :-)

Jim Seward (@VersionOne) asked me to take a look at this research study (by Version One, UK) about the confusion surrounding cloud computing amongst senior IT professionals –  I’m not sure it includes your boss !  This high-level study was conducted with a group of 60 Senior IT professionals at UK….. has revealed some interesting findings.  41% of senior IT professionals admit that they “don’t… Read more »

The 6 Worst Cloud Security Mistakes…

I just had a chance to read this article at DarkReading….it enumerates the following six common security mistakes found with businesses while adopting to Cloud infrastructure based services : Mistake #1: Assuming the cloud is less secure than your data center. Mistake #2: Not verifying, testing, or auditing the security of your cloud-based service provider. Mistake #3: Failing to vet your… Read more »

Fortifying Sun Ray Desktops with Biometric Authentication

Lately I’ve been franctically busy with couple of my ISVs and an SI helping them out on a Citizen-scale National Healthcare Identity Infrastructure solution pilot for one of the populous countries in the Atlantic region – Sorry I cannot disclose the country’s name to abide their privacy laws and to protect my job :-). The solution aims to deliver an Unified Desktop/Voice Infrastructure via Sun Ray… Read more »

Microsoft's Cloud Infrastructure Security…….gets ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

I did’nt get a chance to experience with Microsoft’s Cloud infrastructure….but it’s quite interesting to see Microsoft gone “proactive” on Security with its Cloud infrastrusture ! When everyone else is still itching the head with a burning stick ….Microsoft cloud users may breathe a sigh of relief 🙂 Recently, Microsoft Cloud infrastructure team (Global Foundation Services division)  published a document on their security features which highlights… Read more »

Encrypted ZFS Automatic Snapshots to Amazon S3 Cloud

 Are you test driving Amazon S3 cloud as your backup storage and worried about your data security ?  Now, Amazon S3 users can have a compelling encrypted backup solution by adopting to OpenSolaris and ZFS.  Few months ago, I had my first experience with ZFS Automatic Snapshots which allows to backup and preserve the filesystem at timed intervals.  Last week I noted from Glenn Brunette that… Read more »

Cloud Security Guidelines from Cloud Security Alliance !

Cloud Computing Security is getting hot this summer ! Without a doubt, the Cloud security issues has emerged as a top concern and gained got a lot of interests in the RSA conference ’09 (held last week). To the surprise, the newly formed “Cloud Computing Security Alliance” presented a report covering the critical areas of focus and provided a comprehensive… Read more »

NIST to set standards for Cloud Security !

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Lately NIST is very much intrigued with Cloud computing infrastructures, …not sure it is part of President Obama’s Stimulus plan ! Without doubt it makes the US Government as the most influential Cloud customer. Like everyone else, NIST also feels Security as the paramount challenge ahead before adoption…. ofcourse, Security cannot be an afterthought or post-mortem process after a breach… Read more »