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Bye Bye Oracle !

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Thanks for everything, indeed I feel it as an amicable separation. From Sun JavaSoft (1999)  to Oracle Cloud Engineered Systems (Sep 2017), it has truly been my privilege and honor to work with many of the great tech leaders at Oracle/Sun. Will certainly miss you all..will do connect over the net with my new experiences… I probably will be doing something more… Read more »

Application Container Security Guidance from NIST (Docker Containers)

NIST released an Application Container Security publication (SP 800-190), which delves into the major security risks and concerns related to Container images, registries, OS, orchestration, network isolation. It also presents a long-list of proactive countermeasures and mitigation recommendations for the known risks and example scenarios on how to address container security threats with the recommended countermeasures.  Although it is a quite… Read more »