Monthly Archives: October 2016

Anatomy of the Blockchain and understanding “Proof-of-Work”

We keep hearing the hype about Blockchain particularly its guarantee for securely providing tamper-resistant immutable record keeping. What it basically means that Blockchain records every transaction on the network, whether it is a single transaction of a payment or multi-step transaction of a workflow — Each transaction is represented as a block. Typically, the resulting blockchain ledger will be represented… Read more »

The Internet of Money – Getting excited about Bitcoin and Blockchain

  “Money is as old as our civilization” !  How technology has transformed the concept of money from exchanging rocks, metals, paper, plastic, and plastic to Bitoin..Andreas M. Antonopoulos breaks down everything to layman terms even I can understand!  How people and network-centric and protocol form of cryptocurrencies will dominate the next centuries allowing a new financial integration that the world… Read more »