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Bye, Bye, Sun…a new beginning at Oracle :-)

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Life goes on… as everyone know by now, EU approved the Oracle’s Sun acquisition deal. After my 10+ years long saga ending at Sun… I am pushed into Oracle (Sun + Oracle). It looks like I will be doing the same job….as always I continue my passion towards security and identity technologies… especially on Solaris and Sun systems (oops…Oracle servers)… maybe a bit more on… Read more »

Web SSO with One-time Passwords via Mobile SMS and Email

With increasing incidents of online frauds through username/password compromises and stolen/forged identity credentials – Strong authentication using multi-factor credentials is often considered as a  defensive solution for ensuring high-degree of identity assurance to accessing  Web applications. Adopting multi-factor credentials based authentication has also become a most common security requirement for enabling access control to critical online banking transactions and to safeguard online customer information  (Mandated by FFIEC… Read more »

Secure Java Coding Guidelines v3.0

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When it comes to application security,  Secure coding is the first line of defense….and it is very critical to follow the best practice patterns and avoid pitfalls to secure the application from known risks and vulnerabities. The Java Security team has just released the updated – “Secure Coding Guidelines for the Java Programming Language, Version 3.0” .  Certainly it included a newer set of… Read more »