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Are you a victim of Identity theft ?

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Just came across this interesting web site –  a consumer protection web site by Liberty Coalition, which provides a registry of personalized data breach reports… that reports whether your personal identity information has been stolen or publicly exposed or not !  If your identity information is compromised, it indicates the size of exposure, sensitivity and how it is distributed and so… Read more »

Enabling FIPS-140 compliance for Java based SSL/TLS applications

FIPS-140* compliance has gained overwhelming attention these days and it has become a mandatory requirement for several security sensitive applications (mostly in Government and Security solutions and recently with select finance industry solutions and particularly for achieving compliance with regulatory mandates such as PCI DSS, FISMA, HIPPA, etc ). FIPS-140 also helps defining security requirements for supporting integration with cryptographic hardware and software tokens.  Ensuring… Read more »

Biometrics based Encryption & Digital Signatures ?

Just read this interesting research paper published by Prof. Bobby Tait and Prof. Basie von Solms of the University of Johannesburg (South Africa), explains how a person’s biometric fingerprints/Iris scans can be used as a protocol to perform private key based encryption and digital signatures.  The paper describes a biometric middleware infrastructure (BioVault) which requires users to performs biometric authentication for generating or retrieving a random… Read more »