Monthly Archives: June 2009

Cloud Computing confuses Senior IT Professionals :-)

Jim Seward (@VersionOne) asked me to take a look at this research study (by Version One, UK) about the confusion surrounding cloud computing amongst senior IT professionals –  I’m not sure it includes your boss !  This high-level study was conducted with a group of 60 Senior IT professionals at UK….. has revealed some interesting findings.  41% of senior IT professionals admit that they “don’t… Read more »

The 6 Worst Cloud Security Mistakes…

I just had a chance to read this article at DarkReading….it enumerates the following six common security mistakes found with businesses while adopting to Cloud infrastructure based services : Mistake #1: Assuming the cloud is less secure than your data center. Mistake #2: Not verifying, testing, or auditing the security of your cloud-based service provider. Mistake #3: Failing to vet your… Read more »

Fortifying Sun Ray Desktops with Biometric Authentication

Lately I’ve been franctically busy with couple of my ISVs and an SI helping them out on a Citizen-scale National Healthcare Identity Infrastructure solution pilot for one of the populous countries in the Atlantic region – Sorry I cannot disclose the country’s name to abide their privacy laws and to protect my job :-). The solution aims to deliver an Unified Desktop/Voice Infrastructure via Sun Ray… Read more »

Microsoft's Cloud Infrastructure Security…….gets ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

I did’nt get a chance to experience with Microsoft’s Cloud infrastructure….but it’s quite interesting to see Microsoft gone “proactive” on Security with its Cloud infrastrusture ! When everyone else is still itching the head with a burning stick ….Microsoft cloud users may breathe a sigh of relief 🙂 Recently, Microsoft Cloud infrastructure team (Global Foundation Services division)  published a document on their security features which highlights… Read more »