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Terror attacks in Mumbai – Barbarism in the name of religion

Today is thanksgiving day here in the USA – I am deeply and sorrowfully affected by the time of crisis in my Indian motherland – due to menace of terrorism and cowardice acts practiced in the name of religion. Last night, heavily armed gunmen stormed into  hotels,  tourist attractions and train stations and carried out attacks on innocent civilians killing… Read more »

Our blog is back ….in action !

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Finally, I had some time to play with WordPress 2.6.5…and did have success with importing those old stuff to new Sun MySQL database and the themes/customizations (the PHP scripts were too old so i ended up doing wild guess then hack)….to make it run on WordPress 2.6.5 –  it works ! Editing those messed up PHPs was an interesting experience…. Read more »

Stinking Rich-clients: How to secure them ?

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Yes, the demand for rich clients and rich-client-like Web applications are definitely overwhelming for its look and feel performance. When we think of rich clients over Web, we often think of applets as a solution in the first place and we forget to consider other promising options like Java Web Start (JWS) and other Web 2.0 interfaces via Ajax and… Read more »

Enabling Smart Card based PKI as Java Key Store

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Last week, I was test driving a PIV Smartcard based PKI as a keystore (via Java PKCS#11)  to support using the PKI/certificate credentials for performing encryption/decryption and digital signature operations  (PKI based logins to Web applications, Encryption/decryption of documents, Digitally signing email). There is no secret receipe but some of you may find it a bit difficult – if you… Read more »

Managing PIV Lifecycle and Converging Physical & Logical Access Control

Last week, I was at the 7th Annual Smart Card in Government Conference and had the  opportunity to join a panel on “Personal Identity Verification (PIV) – Technologies” and presented a session entitled “Managing PIV Lifecycle and Converging Physical and Logical Access Control” with emphasis on implementing HSPD-12/FIPS-201 mandates.  I thoroughly enjoyed my participation in the conference, particularly the overwhelming … Read more »