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Exploring SPML with Sun Identity Manager 7.x – A Cheatsheet

Are you tired of the high-level SPML content floating around the web from couple of analysts with no practical guidance ! If you are a practical guy..who want to explore SPML, here is something that you may find worth test-driving for SPML 1.0 amd SPML 2.0 based provisioning operations.   I had been using SPML using Sun IDM 7.0 for a while now. … Read more »

Using PIV cards in a Sun Ray Environment.

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Sun Rays has been widely popular in Government applications for a while now.  With the introduction of HSPD-12/PIV cards,  I had multiple requests from my SI friends asking me to verify whether PIV cards work on SunRays for hotdesking and enabling PKI based authentication.  As on today, Sun Ray Session Server 4.0 does’nt officially support PIV cards …particularly I meant… Read more »